Emma Smith  ‎(I420)‎
Emma Smith

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 1801
Death: 1876 ‎(Age 75)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1801
Marriage James Edward Austen - 1828 ‎(Age 27)‎
Marriage Status James Edward Austen - MARRIED

Death 1876 ‎(Age 75)‎
Globally unique Identifier 7905CAA2F73B5745BB34CE29DDCFBAA2A6ED
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Immediate Family  (F141)
James Edward Austen
1798 - 1874

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Close Relatives
Family with James Edward Austen
James Edward Austen ‎(I418)‎
Birth 1798
Death 1874 ‎(Age 76)‎
3 years

Emma Smith ‎(I420)‎
Birth 1801
Death 1876 ‎(Age 75)‎

Marriage: 1828